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Virtual Art in the Real World


What happens when the virtual and the real meet?

Gallery No. 8 is focused on exploring art made in the virtual world. This site will continue to evolve into many different directions as the artist continues to experiment and explore by combining photography, painting, drawing, and three-dimensional design into visually stimulating art.

About Michel

Artist and writer who escaped the matrix and now lives in a small town near San José, Costa Rica living the Pura Vida life.


Second Life: Virtual

Creating art in Second Life and then making that virtual art available in real life is very challenging and exciting. I never know how anything will come out once I begin a project. You can find all of my designs available as apparel, decor, and jewelry at

Costa Rica: Photography

Taking photos of the beauty in Costa Rica and Central, South America is an adventure in perceptions.  I challenge the viewer to perceive Latin America in a whole other way. One has to really look deeper into the photos to realize what they are seeing. Central America is beautiful and the people are warm and welcoming. Here there is no army and they are taking care of the environment. My kind of place.

Publishing: Books

I am now writing books and publishing a magazine in Second Life.

After finishing a very big project on the climate crisis for Burning Man 2 in Second Life titled Metamorphosis, I decided to open a bookstore located in Gallery No.8  and I publish books in real life found at

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